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In order to keep up with today's technology, we have a new electronic donation tool called And it's super easy to get started!


To give here online, click the button below.

To give on your phone, please go to the iTunes or Google Play store on your device and install the app. The app will automatically find churches near you, or you can search for Maple Grove United Methodist Church - just be sure to select our church in Hunlock Creek, PA. Once our church is selected, click "Give Now" to get started.

If you have any trouble giving online, or on your phone, please contact us through our Facebook page or email and someone will help you out.

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UMC Market

Help Maple Grove United Methodist Church every time you shop online, it's all free and so easy to be socially-conscious. 

The stores make this possible because they want you to like them and shop at them over and over again. There are 1829 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen.

 To learn more or sign up now, use this link below.

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