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What We Believe

   We believe:

  • In a loving God that has created and is present throughout the universe and is revealed in history.

  • Evil exists in the world and a belief in Jesus Christ and a growing faith life is the solution.

  • Sin exists as a universal human condition and should be addressed and confessed.

  • Jesus Christ came both as a human and a divine expression of God and, though innocent, suffered a single sacrificial death for the sins of the world.

  • The Church, in all of its expressions, provides us with an opportunity to develop and practice our faith and engage the community in acts of mercy and love to those in need.

  • The Bible is the revealed Word of God and contains guidance and inspiration for our lives.

  • And as believers, though there are life questions that remain unanswered, we acknowledge the mystery of things beyond our current understanding and we have the hope that they will be revealed.

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